How To Date A Filipina Girl

It is essential to note that thousands of men around the world are looking for a mail order bride from the Philippines. And it is possible to understand these men because Filipino ladies are incredibly beautiful, loyal, humble, and interesting. One can consider himself a lucky man if he is married to a Filipina woman.

Benefits of dating a lady from the Philippines

Filipina singles want to find a decent, caring, and loving Western man. Thousands of Filipino brides are looking for a man who will take them and would be a wonderful and supportive husband. Therefore, you can be sure that you will find a lot of ladies who are willing to become housewives.
So, if you want to find a loyal and family-oriented bride from the Philippines, you are in the right place. Here, you will be able to learn how to date a Filipina girl. Simply follow our guidelines, and you will be having a wonderful date with a mail order bride of your dream!

Dos and Don'ts

Take a look at a short list of most common things that you should and should not do with a Filipino mail order bride!
Be generous
One can agree that a man on a date should be confident, generous, and romantic. To conquer a Filipino mail order bride, show her that you are ready to pay for her. Be generous and spend as much money as you need. When going to a restaurant, try to tell your date that she could pick whatever she wants. It is always a bad thing when a date realizes that you are either a cheapskate or broke. Show your date that you can meet her appetites and that you have enough money to splurge on something entertaining or delicious!
Do not be frivolous and careless.
Some men think that Filipino mail order brides are very easy and have no values or principles. However, dating a girl from the Philippines does not mean having a servant or spending time with a woman who would do anything for your money. They have dignity, and it is important for you to respect their dignity. It is highly advisable never to be rude, impolite, and demanding. If your date does not want to go to some place or she wants to go home, you should not demand her attention or sex. Do not get handsy – it is highly inappropriate for Filipino girls to be invading their personal space.
Be honest and open.
As you may already understand, Filipino girls are quite friendly and communicative. For them, all people should be eager to speak about their lives and share with other people something interesting. So, if you want your date to be successful, it is important for you to be open and honest. If you answer your date's questions unwillingly or briefly, she might think that you are not interested in her. Therefore, it is important for you to speak as much as possible. Moreover, you should always be honest. One may agree that it is a universal rule – if you want your relationships with a Filipina mail order bride to be successful and enjoyable, do not build them on lies and dishonesty!
Do not speak about your past relationships.
It is never a good idea to bring up your past relationships. Even if your date wants to hear everything about your life, you can just tell her that you had several important people in your life. No need to tell her that you are still thinking about your exes or that you hate them. Be a strong and confident man who knows what he wants. Furthermore, it is not quite polite to ask your date about her previous relationships. She will tell you about them when your relationships will be stronger.
Show respect and honor to her family.
Family plays an invaluable and inseparable role in Filipino culture. A lot of young girls live with their parents until marriage, so one can understand that parents represent a major part of Filipino girls' lives. If you want to date and marry a girl from the Philippines, it is highly advisable to get along with your brides' parents. Furthermore, showing your lady how much you respect and care for her parents can tell her that you are a family guy – a person who respects family traditions and values.
Avoid inappropriate and controversial topics.
One can agree that it is another universal rule for dating. There is no need to bring up a controversial topic that could ruin your date. Instead, discuss something neutral. If you cannot come up with a proper topic, just ask your date some questions. It is always a great way to make your date enjoyable for your lady – just focus on her life and let her speak! The last thing you want to turn your date into is a debate.
Dating Filipino Woman
How to start communicating with a mail order bride from the Philippines?
Be gentle, polite, and careful
One of the major challenges for a Western man with a girl from the Philippines is to be too hasty and direct. Filipino girls are very tender, which is why it can take some time to make them believe and trust you. It is also very important to be gentle and polite – there is no need to be rude or offensive.
Brides from the Philippines are known for being quite sensitive, so even an unfortunate joke can be considered as an offense. It is highly advisable to control everything you say.
Lastly, it is always a good manner to be polite and romantic. Make your date compliments, pay attention to how beautiful she is, and do everything possible to make her feel special and unique. Although these are quite universal rules of dating a young woman, it is never too late to learn them!
Be funny
Filipino girls enjoy a man with a good sense of humor. It is always a good thing to joke around. However, remember that Filipina mail order brides are also quite sensitive. Try to avoid joking on controversial topics. It is also quite useful to learn about Filipino culture to avoid any inappropriate topic or jokes.
Nevertheless, you can be sure that your sense of humor can be a powerful tool to conquer a Filipina date! Just remember to control your conversation and speak about something more neutral.
Be attentive and responsive
One may agree that a date can be quite nervous and exciting. Still, it is incredibly important for you to be attentive and remember everything that your date tells you. A minor detail you're your date shared to you can be very important for her, and you show her that you do not remember about it can spoil the date.
If your date asks you a question, try to give her a full and detailed answer. It is considered rude in the Philippines not to answer a question. However, if you believe that a question is too personal, simply explain your date that you would rather not answer it.
Do not forget to ask your date questions. Show her that you are interested in her life. It is always a good gesture to show a woman that you are genuinely interested in her story. So, remember, if you want to have a marvelous date with a Filipino bride, make sure that you chat a lot with your date!
Learn as much as possible
If you want to have more dates with a Filipino girl, it is very important to learn about her life. As it has been mentioned above, pay attention during your conversations, and you will obtain useful information for the future. For example, it is always a good thing to know what your woman's favorite flowers are.
Furthermore, by showing that you are eager to learn more about her, you can indicate your lady that you are interested in continuing your relationships or even taking them on a more mature level.


So, you may already understand that Filipino ladies are perfect to date. They know how to communicate with a foreign man, so you will find it very easy to interact and spend some quality time with them. However, it is incredibly important for you to understand what should and should not be done during a date with a Filipina mail order bride.
First of all, it is very useful to learn about Filipino culture in general. By doing so, you will obtain useful information about your date's country and learn something new about the traditions and rituals that play valuable roles in communication and relationships between people. Remember to be respectful toward your date's parents, as it is highly important for Filipino brides to honor them.
So, if you want to have a wonderful date with a bride from the Philippines, just remember to be polite, romantic, honest, and communicative. There are not many things that make Filipina ladies different from women around the world. Just be a caring and attentive gentleman, and you can be sure that your date with a wonderful Filipino girl will be magical and enjoyable!
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