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How to bring a wife from Philippines?

Wedding in the Philippines: conditions and procedures for formalizing relations

Some Western men wish to conclude a marriage union in the Philippines to
get an unforgettable experience and, returning to their country, indulge in the best
memories of this wonderful place together with their other half. In both cases, there are
several important nuances and wedding requirements that you need to know to
bring your Philippine bride to the United States.

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Marry a Filipino Girl - Where to go?

To prepare the documents necessary for marriage, a citizen of the Republic of the
Philippines must apply at the place of residence to a government agency that performs
registration of acts of civil status. Western man can receive all inquiries and
consultations at the consular section of the embassy of his country on getting
married to Philippine women.

After the license is issued, you can marry at the city hall, court or church in any
region of the Philippines.

Package of documents required by a Western citizen to marry a Filipino Bride

To marry in the Philippines, Western man must present:

  • Birth certificate and its notarized translation into English;
  • A certificate of the absence of the fact of registration of marriage (available at the consular department of their country Embassy in Manila upon presentation of a passport, the registration deadline is approximately 2 days);
  • A foreign passport and a copy of the passport;
  • Tax receipt;
  • Certificate of legal capacity - issued at the consular department of the embassy of the country after the presentation of foreign and internal passports, as well as tax payment;
  • Certificate of completion of family planning courses.

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The Timing required to get married with Filipina

Pfilippines mail order bride
In the best case, the entire package of documents can be prepared in a month, but sometimes the deadlines are delayed. As soon as the documents of the bride and groom are verified at the city hall of the Philippines, they are sent to family planning courses, which can last about a month.

After that, future newlyweds receive certificates on the course of lectures, which are included in the package of documents required to obtain a license. Most often, a license is issued within two weeks from the date of application. The validity of the issued license is 3 months, it is indicated on the document itself. During this period, it is necessary to come to the city hall, court or church, present a valid license, determine the date of the wedding and pay all fees.

About two weeks after the wedding, you must contact the city hall to get the original certificate of marriage. 6 months after registration – go to the State Statistics Committee to receive a state registered copy. This is necessary for applying for a
resident visa if needed.

After all, you can successfully bring your new mail order brides from Philippines to your country.

What can prevent marriage with Filipino woman?

There are several circumstances in which marriage is not possible. For example, if
one party is already married. You cannot start a family if the bride and groom are of the
same sex. Now it is prohibited in the Philippines, but the president has already spoken
about the possibility of legalizing such marriages soon.

In addition, there are other obstacles to entering a holy union with Filipino
: the age of the bride or groom is less than 18 years, the incapacity of one people entering marriage, the close relationship between the bride and groom.

Lack of permission from parents if the groom or the bride is younger than 27 years
can also interfere. Then you must wait until the age when the mail order bride from
can get married without parental consent.
philippian girl
In the Philippines, divorce is not possible, so anyone who wants to marry with a
Filipino woman of a given state should make his choice consciously and seriously.


Wedding Ceremony

Organizers usually offer foreigners who wish to marry in the Philippines, a classic
ceremony, a traditional Filipino wedding, or an exclusive event, such as diving to the
bottom of the ocean, sailing on a yacht, paragliding or a balloon.
philippines wife
The wedding can be held on the beach of a large city or on one of the many exotic islands with pristine nature, as well as in a distinctive Philippine village.

A classic wedding ceremony is held on the ocean in the sunset light. The bride and groom are standing in front of an arch decorated with flowers. The ceremonial master or pastor makes a parting speech, the lovers give each other vows under fireworks from rose petals, exchange rings and kisses.

After the ceremonial banquet, the master gives the newlyweds a symbolic certificate of marriage for memory. By tradition, the newlyweds perform a sand ceremony, which personifies the union of two souls in love until the end of life.

Spouses fill colorful sand in a beautiful container which is then passed on to them as a keepsake. If the bride and groom choose a traditional Filipino wedding, the experience will be no less vivid.
According to custom, the groom presents the bride 13 coins of precious metals. This rite symbolizes the wealth of a young family. The priest blesses rings and coins.

Then the participants in the wedding suite light candles, which provides divine protection and blessing. White fabric covers are put on the bride and groom, tying them with a cord, which is decorated with ornaments, flowers and coins. This symbolizes the eternal devotion, loyalty and unity of the spouses. Then the newly made husband and wife release the pigeons, so that in their union there is peace and harmony.

Registration of marriage in the Philippines does not have legal force in the territory of some western countries, therefore, the bride and groom must undergo the marriage procedure in the country of groom if needed, in addition to the ceremony in the Philippines.

The most important thing in life is to find "your" person, with whom it will be easy and calm, and it does not matter which state he is a subject of or where the marriage will be concluded. But still there are places that you should visit, regardless of whether or not there is a reason for this. Of course, one of such bright, memorable places are the Philippines.

It is on this earth with a truly paradise nature that one can realize the statement that all marriages are made in heaven. You may need to collect a lot of documents, visit various authorities, spend a lot of time on wedding requirements and invest significant funds on getting married to Philippine women, but the love and happiness of two people are worth it.

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